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Oak Ridge Lodge | Premier Park Events
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Oak Ridge Lodge

Do we use the same chairs for the ceremony and reception?

Yes, unless you would like to purchase additional chairs.

Is there wi-fi?

Unfortunately, no, not at this time.

Is there a place designated to a ceremony?

Yes. You have two options. First, under the Oak tree or under the gazebo.

What options do you have if it rains?

For a ceremony, you can chose to have it indoors next to the fireplace. For a reception, we can put up a tent on the back patio for an additional cost.

Is the lodge air-conditioned?

No, only heated. The fireplace is also functional as long as you bring the firewood.

Is there an ice machine?

No, but, there is a deep freezer to store ice bags.

Can I bring my own food and is there a kitchen onsite?

Yes, you may bring your own food and the lodge is quipped with a full kitchen.
However, should you wish to have a catered event, it must be through one of our
3 caterers.

Are there any decoration restrictions?

You are not permitted to use staples, tape or nails at any of the venues. You can not hang anything from the ceiling fans. Also, artificial flowers, the throwing of rice, and releasing lanterns is prohibited at all of our venues.

Is alcohol allowed?

Yes, but, it must be ordered through Premier Park Events. The City of Cincinnati
holds the liquor license, hence, you can not bring in your own. Equally, all alcohol must be served by a licensed and insured bartender pre approved by Premier Park Events.

Do tables and chairs come with the facility? If so, how many tables and chairs are there?

Yes, there are 13 – 5ft round tables, 2 – 8ft and 1 – 6ft rectangular tables and chairs to accommodate 130 guests. Additional tables and chairs can be rented through Premier Park Events.

What is the latest you can be on property?

All guests and their belongings must leave the premises by 11pm.

Do I get access to the facility all day?

No, the facility is rented for 8-hours with an additional 2 hours on the front end for set-up. You may, however, rent additional hours at $75 per hour.

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