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The Gibson House | Premier Park Events
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The Gibson House

Can cars be left overnight?

Yes. Cars are not ticketed or towed, however, vehicles are left at your own risk.

Does the Gibson House have wifi?

Yes. The Gibson House does have wifi that you will be able to utilize throughout your event.

Are the Hauck gardens included in the property rental fee?

Yes, you will have access to the gardens on property throughout your event.

Is there a place to get ready prior to the ceremony?

The upstairs of Gibson can be utilized prior to the event.

Is there enough room for parking?

Vehicles can park in the parking lot provided by the Gibson House. There is also an agreement between Premier Park Events and Children’s Hospital for guests to use the parking lot across the street for weekend events.

Can you tent the property?

A tent can be purchased at an additional price. The tent will be placed in the lawn in front of the house.

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