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The French House | Premier Park Events
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The French House

Can cars be left overnight?

Yes. Cars are not ticketed or towed, however, vehicles are left at your own risk. Any car that is left post event must be in a marked spot, not in the exit driveway.

Do I have to rent two sets of chairs for a ceremony and reception?

No, In most cases we transition the chairs from the ceremony site to the reception.

Does the French House have wifi?

No. The French House does not have wifi.

Where is the ceremony held?

There are two location options for the ceremony. The Sunken Garden, located in
back of the house, can hold up to 200 guests. The other option is to use the
Gazebo on the side yard area. The Gazebo area can hold 300+ guests.

Is the French House air conditioned/heated?

The entire French House can be air conditioned or heated.

Is there enough room for parking?

The French House has a parking lot that can hold 35 vehicles. Any overflow parking will park along the drive. Guests will be directed by the onsite police officer.

Is the French House accessible throughout the duration of the event?

Yes, you can access the inside of the house at any time during your event.

How many can fit inside the French House for dining?

Depending on your design, around 90 guests can be seated inside the French House for dining.

In case of rain, can the inside of the French House be utilized for a ceremony?

Depending on the size of your party, you may be able to have partial or all seating inside the French House. Moving the ceremony inside may result in standing room only.

Is there a place to get ready prior to the ceremony?

The upstairs has private bridal suites that are available to you. There is also an all-day rental option

Are the tent/awnings included in the venue rental price?

No, all equipment including the tent and awnings (attached to the house) are additional costs and will be reflected in your itemized equipment invoice.

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