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Maple Ridge Lodge | Premier Park Events
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Maple Ridge Lodge

Located within Mt. Airy Forest- Cincinnati’s largest park- is Maple Ridge Lodge, offering a scenic variety of woods and wildlife, all within a ten minute drive of Downtown Cincinnati. This rustic lodge, featuring spacious interiors, a renovated kitchen & a handsome stone fireplace, in addition to expansive covered and open patios, is a perfect gathering place for family reunions, weddings, corporate and social events.


"I was given the task of finding an outdoor venue for 400 that had an indoor option. Searching the city, I came across Maple Ridge Lodge and Premier Park Events. There were many demands put on for our event and Maple Ridge Lodge was the perfect place for it. The band set up outside in the field with plenty of room for people to lay out blankets and kids to play. The lodge came equipped with tables and chairs which we spread out inside and out on the veranda. I would highly recommend Maple Ridge Lodge and Premier Park Events to anyone looking for that private, scenic outdoor event." Michelle
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