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Ault Park Pavilion | Premier Park Events
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Ault Park Pavilion

Are the Rose Garden and Brumn Garden included in the rental of the pavilion?

No, these areas are completely separate from the pavilion rental. You can rent these areas separately from Cincinnati Parks Reservations at 513-357-2604

If my ceremony is in the waterfall landscape do I have to rent two sets of chairs for the ceremony and reception?

No. In this case, a $250 chair transition fee is applied. Essentially, we provide double chairs and only require you to pay full price for one set. The $250 is the fee of the second set, instead of paying full price for the second set.

Does the Pavilion have wifi?

No, the Pavilion does not have wifi.

Can cars be left overnight?

Yes. Cars are not ticketed or towed, however, vehicles are left at your own risk.

Can we park on the service drive behind the pavilion?

There are two handicapped spots reserved on the service drive. The rest of the service drive is strictly used by your vendors, however, guests are able to be dropped off using the service drive.

Is there enough room for parking?

Vehicles will need to park on the drive that circles Ault Park or the parking lot that is located diagonal from the pavilion. The on site police officer will direct guests.

Is there a place to get ready?

Unfortunately, there is not a space private enough to get ready on property.

Will the waterfall be on and lit for my event?

Yes, the waterfall is turned on for all the events taking place at the pavilion and will be lit automatically in the evening.

Are there bathrooms nearby?

There are two men’s and women’s bathrooms inside the wings of the pavilion.

Are the inside coves air conditioned/heated?

Both indoor wings are air conditioned and heated.

Is there sufficient lighting at the pavilion?

There are lampposts available in the front and roof of the pavilion, however you will need to purchase additional lighting for under the awnings.

Do we have access to the inside of the pavilion?

The inside coves of the pavilion will be open during your event. The stationary bar and anything that needs to stay covered from the elements will be inside the pavilion.

Are the awnings included in the venue rental price?

No, all equipment including the awnings (attached to the pavilion) are additional costs and will be reflected in your itemized equipment invoice.

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